Jesse Ventura suggests US may be behind Middle East violence

Jamie Weinstein Senior Writer
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NEW YORK — Former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura, an avid and prolific conspiracist, says it’s possible the U.S. government is intentionally inflaming the current turmoil in the Middle East.

“Who knows what caused it? Let’s remember the CIA’s job is to go out and create wars,” Ventura told The Daily Caller during an extensive interview.

Pressed on whether he really believes the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency orchestrated the attacks on America’s embassies in the Middle East, Ventura said, “I have no idea, but I don’t trust my government if that’s what you’re asking me. They’ve lied to me too many times recently.”

Ventura, author most recently of “DemoCRIPS and ReBLOODlicans: No More Gangs in Government,” listed a number of incidents in which he believes the government lied to the American people.

“How do I believe them when all that comes out of there are, lies, lies and more lies?” he asked. “Their credibility is zero with me now. I can’t tell you what caused this stuff. Who knows what underlying is going on?”

Ventura lamented what he sees as American meddling around the world.

“Well, I think us mingling in all these countries’ affairs — I mean, we have military bases in what, 160 countries throughout the world? That’s an empire,” he said.

Whatever the cause of the turmoil, Ventura argued that the U.S. should leave the Middle East entirely and end all foreign aid. When asked if he meant that we should leave all embassies around the world, he quickly responded, “yep,” although he later clarified that he thinks we should only abandon embassies in countries “where we’re not wanted.”

At no time did he offer any condemnation of the perpetrators of the attack or blame them for their savagery.

The Daily Caller will publish more of this extensive interview with Ventura next week.

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