Anonymous activist Barrett Brown in exclusive email to TheDC: ‘Holder is a f-cking monster’ [VIDEO]

Josh Peterson Tech Editor
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Barrett Brown, commonly known as the public face of the underground hacking group Anonymous, sent a furious email to The Daily Caller just hours before the FBI raided his home and arrested him late Wednesday evening for threatening an FBI agent on YouTube.

The FBI told The Daily Caller that it would not confirm any details about the raid, which was caught on camera while Brown and his girlfriend talked in an online video chat.

Brown emailed TheDC only several hours prior to the raid to draw attention to his most recent activities.

“Yesterday began releasing revelations from stolen e-mails and other research on Holder/HBGary/Endgame Systems conspiracy against myself and potentially other activists associated with the transparency movement,” he wrote to TheDC late Wednesday afternoon.

HB Gary Federal was a federal cybersecurity contracting company subject to a major hack by Anonymous in early 2011, after the company’s former CEO Aaron Barr claimed he had infiltrated Anonymous and discovered the group’s leadership.

In retaliation, Anonymous breached HB Gary Federal and HB Gary, Inc.’s site, copied tens of thousands of emails and documents, and published them online. Anonymous also took over Barr’s Twitter account.

The emails, according to Anonymous, revealed a conspiracy orchestrated by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to hire Barr and HB Gary Federal to spy on its enemies. The Chamber has denied the allegation, but other companies implicated in the emails severed ties with HB Gary Federal. The hack also sparked a Congressional investigation.

“My previous leaks … got me banned from Daily Kos last week after 8 years of writing there,” Brown told TheDC.

Brown also expressed his anger towards Attorney General Eric Holder and the Justice Department, which he claimed wanted to charge his mother with obstruction of justice as a way to intimidate him.

“Holder is a fucking monster and after I’m done doxing Smith’s family I’ll be asking for further info on everyone Holder works with,” he said, referring to the FBI agent he had threatened.

“Doxing” is a method of collecting information about an individual through sources available on the Internet, and then publicly posting that information in a consolidated manner. The tactic is used by Anonymous as a method of intimidation.

“Now working more closely with Constitutional groups in Kansas, Texas, elsewhere and more than willing to die if that’s what I have to do to make media pay attention to possibility of prison time for [my mother],” Brown added.

Brown, who had stepped up as an unofficial point of contact for Anonymous, also expressed concern for his safety in several video blog posts on his YouTube account.

“Am armed with shotgun, other weapons I won’t name so as to not provide intel; they know about shotgun and rifle which is why they sent 20 FBI and perhaps half dozen DPD to storm my apartment before they realized I’d fled to mother’s previous day after tip,” he said.

Brown’s Anonymous efforts include heading up an initiative, Project PM, to expose information about the federal intelligence complex. His attorney expects him to be charged with threatening a federal agent, reported CBS Dallas / Fort Worth Friday.

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