Five shocking truths about Michelle Obama

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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First lady Michelle Obama gave an exclusive interview to celebrity tabloid Us Weekly and spilled five previously unknown facts about herself — and the revelations are startling.

1. Michelle thinks voting is a good idea. This is a novel admission that we haven’t heard from candidates or their wives, ever.

2. Sometimes she lets Bo sleep in her bed when Barack is out of town. It’s not what you think: Bo is the name of the first family’s Portuguese water dog.

3. Michelle didn’t just skip a science class here and there — she skipped the entire second grade.

4. The self-proclaimed health freak with the healthy eating “Let’s Move” campaign admitted that she once ate a fried Twinkie in Iowa. The hypocrisy is astounding.

5. Michelle didn’t make any mention of loving her husband, but she did admit that she “loves” sports.

We’re not quite sure how Us Weekly landed this mind-blowing exclusive, but hats off to them.

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