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Photoshop this: Obama campaign manager Jim Messina looking trustworthy

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This is the greatest thing I have ever seen, courtesy of Right Scoop.

Here’s what you see when Jim Messina makes his court-ordered knock on your door to announce he’s moved into the neighborhood.

This calls for a Photoshop contest! I believe this pic is what the experts call an “exploitable.” Which is also what Messina calls a playground.

Here’s a Photoshop to get you started, courtesy of @WheelmanForHire:

Betcha can’t beat that. Prove me wrong!

From Tom Grey:

There’s already at least one Memegenerator:

Eric Englestad would like you to take a seat right over there:

Kenny Hitt knows his memes:

As does Dave Not Weigel:

Jay Caruso has some vodka and applesauce for you: