Obama pokes fun at Romney’s ‘tough’ talk on China

Nicholas Ballasy Senior Video Reporter
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President Barack Obama mocked Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s promise to get “tough” on China during a Wednesday campaign rally in Ohio.

“He’s been talking tough on China. He says he’s going to take the fight to them. He’s going to go after these cheaters. And I’ve got to admit, that message is better than what he’s actually done about this thing. It sounds better than talking about all these years he spent profiting from companies that sent our jobs to China,” Obama said at a rally at Bowling Green State University.

“When you hear this newfound outrage, when you see these ads he’s running promising to get tough on China, it feels a lot like that fox saying we need more secure chicken coops. I mean, it’s just not credible.”

When the crowd booed Romney during the president’s speech, Obama responded, “don’t boo, vote.”

According to FactCheck.org, the Obama campaign’s claim that Bain Capital invested in companies that shipped jobs overseas while Romney was CEO has not been proven.

“Based on the facts, there’s still nothing to show that Romney made the decisions the Obama campaign claimed he did,” said a FactCheck.org analysis in July.

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