Thompson calls Baldwin ‘too liberal for Pelosi’ in new ad [VIDEO]

Alexis Levinson Political Reporter
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Wisconsin Senate hopeful Tommy Thompson went up with a new ad Friday calling his Democratic opponent Tammy Baldwin “too liberal” and “too extreme” for the state of Wisconsin.


“How extreme is Tammy Baldwin?” asks a narrator.

“I actually was for a government takeover of medicine,” says Baldwin in a clip.

“So extreme that even San Francisco liberal Nancy Pelosi attacked Baldwin’s radical plan for disrupting Medicare for seniors,” says the narrator, as images of Pelosi and Baldwin show on the screen. “And to pay for her 2 trillion dollar government takeover, Baldwin would raise taxes on middle class families nearly $3,000 every year.

“Tammy Baldwin,” the narrator concludes, “too liberal for Pelosi, too extreme for Wisconsin.”

The ad, entitled “Too Liberal,” is the fifth ad that Thompson has run in the general election. It is scheduled to run in the Green Bay and Milwaukee media markets before running statewide later in the race.

Thompson told The Daily Caller that the campaign had to “go dark” for the first few weeks after the Republican primary, having cleaned out its bank account to win a tough three-way race.

Baldwin has had a slight edge in recent polls, though the race remains tight. Thompson told TheDC that he expects Baldwin’s thin lead to evaporate now that his campaign was up on the air with ads.

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