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Crazed Partridge Family fan tries to take home a piece of Danny Bonaduce’s face

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If you ever feel like everything’s going wrong and the whole world is against you, take heart, my friend. At least you’re not Danny Bonaduce.

The News Tribune in Tacoma, WA reports:

Former child TV star and current KZOK DJ Danny Bonaduce was bitten by a woman during a fan meet-and-greet at a Washington casino Friday night.

“She said, ‘I loved you on “The Partridge Family.” Can I kiss you?’,” Bonaduce recalled. When he agreed she latched on to his cheek for up to a minute, Bonaduce said, until others were finally able to get her off of him.

“I could feel things popping,” Bonaduce said. Ever the trooper, he continued the meet-and-greet.

Bonaduce isn’t pressing charges, because hey, he’s in the newspaper.

These days he’s a DJ in Seattle, and it looks like he’s planning to stay.

Yeah, everybody knows about that famous Seattle landmark, the Flying Serpent with a Scary Japanese Demon Head. I’ve got a coffee mug around here someplace…

So there’s your Danny Bonaduce News Break. That should tide you over for another few decades.

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