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Not All Muslims make Ikea airbrush women out of catalog

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As President Barack Hussein Obama said last week, while falsely implicating an amateur filmmaker in the murder of our Libyan ambassador and rioting at U.S. embassies worldwide: “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”

Please keep this in mind as you take a glimpse into the future our president envisions, courtesy of the Swedish Wire:

Ikea’s catalog is printed in 198 million copies and looks almost the same in 27 languages ​​and in 38 countries. With one big exception. In the Saudi Arabian version of the catalog almost all women have been erased, Swedish newspaper Metro said…

“Women can not be retouched away in reality. If Saudi Arabia does not allow women to appear [in public] or work, they lose about half their intellectual capital”, [Sweden’s minister of trade Ewa Björling] told Metro.

Women’s rights in Saudi Arabia are defined by Islam and tribal customs. Human Rights Watch said in a report that the Saudi guardianship system continues to treat women as minors…

Ikea has declined to comment.

Here’s an example. Offensive image:

Inoffensive image:

There, isn’t that better? This way nobody can be inflamed with lust looking at a woman brushing her teeth with her children, while wearing scandalous lingerie that exposes her entire head and face.

We’re already throwing people in jail for blaspheming against Allah*, and now you can’t buy NYC subway ads criticizing Islam. How long until we have to start airbrushing women out of everything because somebody is offended?

You know, we should probably go ahead and start doing this now, just to avoid another Benghazi. Sure, nobody has burned down any embassies over pictures of women in catalogs yet, but why run the risk?

Sorry for Western civilization, everybody. Our bad.

*Yeah. “Probation violation.” Right.