Coulter says ‘pockets of racism are on places like MSNBC,’ names Rachel Maddow

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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As Sean Hannity was rolling out a Daily Caller exclusive video Tuesday on his Fox News Channel program that portrayed President Barack Obama in an unflattering light, his MSNBC competitor Rachel Maddow was attacking conservatives by suggesting the entire thing had racial motivations.

But in her new book, “Mugged: Racial Demagoguery from the Seventies to Obama,” Ann Coulter says it is Maddow, her MSNBC colleagues and other liberals that are “the real racists.” On Mark Levin’s Tuesday radio show, Coulter elaborated on that view and pointed to the way Maddow had introduced Melissa Harris-Perry (then Melissa Harris-Lacewell) on her program in the past.

“The pockets of racism are at places like MSNBC,” Coulter said. “I mean liberals, manifestly, are the real racists. I have a series of quotes introducing Rachel Maddow introducing her very, very, very, very special black guest, Melissa Harris-Lacewell.”

“You just read through the introductions,” Coulter said. “I knew I could find it in five minutes on Nexis because I always stare transfixed at the television when she was introducing one of her black guests and it is just such effusive praise, gushy and gushing, and she would never introduce a white guest that way. You just read through those introductions and no one could read that and not think, ‘this is not someone comfortable around black people.’”

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