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Romney wins debate, libs lose last remaining fragments of sanity

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First anniversary is paper.

Tenth anniversary is tin.

Twentieth anniversary is abject humiliation in front of the entire world.

So that was fun, huh? I went into that debate dreading it almost as much as Obama was, but now I can’t wait for the next one. I’m glad the Greatest President Ever spent so much time stressing the importance of education, because he just got schooled.

It’s coarse and vulgar to indulge in schadenfreude, which of course is why it’s so much fun. Let’s take a trip through the left wing’s night of horror, shall we?

I should probably save the best for last, but I can’t wait to laugh at it some more. Here’s Chris Matthews, going from “thrill up my leg” to “spill down my shorts.”

“WHERE WAS OBAMA TONIGHT? WHAT WAS HE DOING?” He was right there, Chris, doing what he’s done for the last four years. He wasn’t off his game. That was his game. It’s just that he was playing it in a forum, and against an opponent, that didn’t let him get away with his tired old act. Romney kept knocking down his strawmen before he could even set them up.

Matthews’ colleague Joe Scarborough was almost as flummoxed:

[dcvideo videoid=”24776979″ name=”ndnPlayer_24776979″ type=”ndn” width=”640″ height=”360″ /]

Where the hell did that come from, Joe? It came from the same guy you’ve been running down for months. Obama was up there all alone, without guys like you running interference for him.

Meanwhile, on Twitter, America’s favorite lefty crybabies have been acting out. Fact-raping planetoid Michael Moore put the blame right where it belongs: on the Daily Caller!

Or maybe Obama just sucks, Mike? In any case, it’s kind of you to give us all the credit.

Samuel L. Jackson wanted everybody to wake the f*** up:

Do they speak English in Denial?

And Obama’s $1 million donor had a bad night too:

I hope you kept your receipt, Bill.

Take heart, libs: It could’ve been even worse.

Just look at all the debate points he created or saved!

That’s just a taste of the left’s sadness and despair. I’m full.

You know who this really hurts, though? Biden. The pressure’s really on for next week’s debate, now that he’s no longer the dumbest guy on the ticket.

Update: Al Gore has figured it out, you guys.

Update: Did you notice Obama’s smirking? The GOP did.

Update: Courtesy of Ace of Spades.

Update: Whew! Obama has bounced right back.

Update: Guess who’s gradually realizing that Barry might not be all that smart?

Update: NMA does it again.