Help cure breast cancer by watching pornography

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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Now you don’t have to feel ashamed about what you do alone at night in your bedroom with the door locked. Every time you sinfully engage in an act of self-pleasure, you’ll be helping cure breast cancer — at least during the month of October.

Wildly popular adult entertainment site PornHub is donating a fraction of its income from movies in two of its “tits” categories to a breast cancer research charity.

The company says:

Hey, we all love boobs! So this October, Pornhub will donate 1 cent for every 30 videos viewed from our big-tit and small-tit categories. The more videos viewed, the bigger our donation will be to a breast cancer research charity.

Click below to watch the best big-tit and small-tit videos on Pornhub. While you’re enjoying the boobs, you’ll also be helping to Save the Boobs!

You read that right: Depending on your preferred breast size, you have the option of choosing from “big tit videos” or “small tit videos.”

You do want to help cure breast cancer, don’t you? Then get watching, and you can feel good about what you are doing — in more ways than one.

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