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Former SEAL: Obama campaign has ‘exploited the military’ [VIDEO]

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President Barack Obama’s campaign has “exploited the military” for political gain, the president of Special Operations OPSEC Education Fund told The Daily Caller.

Scott Taylor, a former Navy SEAL, cites the campaign ad touting the raid that killed Osama bin Laden and questioning whether Mitt Romney would have made the same decision.

“I think it’s a clear example of how this presidential campaign has politicized this bin Laden raid, overpoliticized it, and have exploited the military in a way that they can hit their political opponents and get re-elected,” Taylor said.

“We believe this unprecedented amount of leaks has hindered future operations and could potentially put lives at risk if it hasn’t already, so we’ve basically had enough, and we’re standing up and exercising our First Amendment rights to say something about it,” he said.

Look for the full interview Monday.

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