Bob Beckel: If Gallup numbers are correct, ‘It’s over’

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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Thursday’s Gallup tracking poll giving Republican nominee Mitt Romney a seven-point lead over President Barack Obama sent shock waves throughout the political world. It also may have dampened the outlook of a few Democrats just weeks before the presidential election.

On Fox News Channel’s “The Five” on Thursday, Bob Beckel, the show’s lone liberal, said the election is over if the poll is accurate.

“If I were looking at the numbers and managing the campaign, I would be upset,” Beckel said. “I’m not sure panic. But if the numbers are correct, it’s over. It is over. So, I mean you are not going to bring Romney back under 50 percent from 52 percent, not a challenging candidate. If that is correct, I don’t necessarily buy it’s correct.”

Beckel denied doubting the polls, but said the plus or minus four percent margin of error gave him hope Obama would prevail in November.

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