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Matt K. Lewis Senior Contributor
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1. Kudos to “Morning Joe” for booking our good friend Ed Morrissey on the show. (Watch Ed’s clip here).

2. ‘Frankenstorm’ takes aim on the East Coast. Could it impact the swing state of Ohio?

3. The DC Examiner’s Joel Gehrke notes that Obama’s virgin voter ad mocks girls who turn down sex because they’re not ‘ready’.

4. Ross Douthat senses Obama’s Aura of Defeat.

5. The Washington Post’s Melinda Henneberger (disclosure: My friend and former editor) has penned a very personal must-read on why ‘Rape shouldn’t be used to score political points.’

6. NHL cancels November games.

7. Conservative blogger Dan Riehl is reportedly very ill. Prayers are appreciated.

8. During his Rolling Stone interview, President Obama was asked about Ayn Rand. Interestingly, his response was essentially a conservative critique, very similar to arguments I’ve noted before.

9. Meat Loaf hugs Mitt.

1o. Self promotion: Bill Scher and I debate whether Twitter has increased journalistic groupthink. And check out my recent podcast interview with Rick Santorum.

Matt K. Lewis