Police forced to break up raucous ‘cat party’

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The police force in Iceland, a country with a population of just over 320,000, is to be commended since they deal day in and day out with the true criminals: felines.

A group of raucous cats were recently having a “cat party” in an abandoned house  — and a pair of cats were apparently cuddling on a couch — near Iceland’s capitol city of Reykjavík.  Luckily, first responders were quickly on the scene, BuzzFeed first reported.

Iceland cat party

From an actual news story:

“Police arrived at the scene and, entering the house, found no people there. However, two to three cats – the exact number is still unclear – were allegedly occupying the house. According to police reports, the cats were “snuggling” on a couch that had been left behind by the previous residents.

Officers on the scene sprang into action, immediately evicting the cats from the house. They then ensured that all doors and windows into the house were securely closed and locked, in the hopes of preventing an incident of this sort from ever happening again.”

Whew. Because Iceland (nor any other country for that matter) DOES NOT need this sort of incident ever happening again.

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