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Obama admits he’s a failure, but it’s cool because, y’know

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Courtesy of Nicholas Ballasy, here’s the President of the United States lying about his record again:

[dcvideo videoid=”24775382″ name=”ndnPlayer_24775382″ type=”ndn” width=”320″ height=”180″ /]

Putting aside the question of all these successes he claims he’s had, here’s the best part: “Some of the businesses we encourage will fail.” Yeah, and sometimes the Washington Generals will lose.

Pay attention, now, because this is important:

A plant closes that Romney is somehow connected to: EVIL.

Obama wastes billions of taxpayer dollars on “green energy” boondoggles and learns nothing from it: OH, WELL.

As the great David Burge puts it: “Somehow I’m supposed to be more concerned with how Mitt Romney spends his money than how Barack Obama spends mine.”