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Bill Clinton: Obama’s best frenemy

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I’ve become convinced that Bill Clinton is trying to (ahem) blow the race for Obama. Again and again, he says things that seem like compliments… until you think about them for a second. He’s turned the backhand into an artform. Hey, if he wasn’t a master at saying two diametrically opposed things at once, we never would’ve even heard of him.

He’s been using that talent in just about every campaign appearance, and it makes me very happy. These two towering narcissists have never liked each other and everybody knows it, but they’re stuck with each other. Hey, if anybody knows about strange bedfellows, it’s William Jefferson Clinton. And he is having himself a good ol’ time in the sack.

Here’s Bill’s latest smiling backstab, courtesy of the Washington Free Beacon:

“I hear all these people say, ‘Oh, I was so enthusiastic four years ago. I had so much hope for change. And I’m disappointed.’ And this, that, and the other thing. Let me tell you something: I may be the only person in America, but I am far more enthusiastic about President Obama this time than I was four years ago.”

Did I mention this makes me very happy?

I wrote about the Bill/Barack dynamic four years ago, when Clinton (ahem) swallowed his pride after the bruising Democratic primaries and stumped for Obama. At the time, I thought I was exaggerating:

October 31, 2008

Bill Clinton: Obama “Probably Won’t Destroy America”

Kissimmee, FL — During a joint appearance Wednesday with Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, former President Bill Clinton came out with his strongest endorsement yet.

“This guy,” Clinton began, before a significant pause. “What can you say about this guy? What. Can. Ya say.”

With Sen. Obama smiling on at his side, Clinton continued: “As you all know, Hillary and I had a tough fight earlier this year against the wonderful Barack Obama. And he won. I know, I get it. We allllll get it.

“And now… here I am. How about that.”

After a smattering of applause, Clinton added, “Hey, one thing you won’t have to worry about over the next four years? Having a president who’s smarter than you. If you’ve ever felt intimidated by your commander-in-chief’s superior command of the facts… well, that’s not exactly gonna be a problem, is it? If you don’t want the guy in the Oval Office reminding you of his experience and qualifications all the time: done deal.

“So, congratulations on that one.”

Speaking over the cracking of the wooden podium under his grip, Clinton closed out his comments: “Look, if you’re worried about dying of poverty or at the hands of a foreign enemy who senses our country’s newfound weakness, I’d put it at… what? 60/40 against? I could go as high as 62. This genius over here probably won’t destroy America.”

As he knocked over the podium and left the stage without making eye contact with Sen. Obama, Clinton could be heard humming the 1985 Robert Palmer hit “Addicted to Love.”

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Update: Speaking of Biden, I suppose it’s possible he’s playing the same game as Bill. More likely, he’s just an idiot.

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