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Bloomberg’s disaster response: Don’t you peasants think a marathon would lift your spirits?

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As if Hurricane Sandy wasn’t enough of a disaster already, it made Michael Bloomberg endorse Obama for president. See, because Obama used to talk about global warming, and everybody knows that global warming causes hurricanes, so clearly that means you should vote for Obama or something.

And now we have another inspiring display of Bloomberg’s impeccable judgment. Chicago Tribune:

The New York City Marathon will go on as scheduled this Sunday. But not everybody agrees that’s a good idea.

“If they take one first responder from Staten Island to cover this marathon, I will scream,” New York City Councilman James Oddo said on his Twitter account, NBCnews reported. “We have people with no homes and no hope right now.”

“The prudent course of action here — postpone the marathon, come back a different day,” Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer told TODAY’s Savannah Guthrie. “Our first priority, let’s help people who lost their homes, who are missing loved ones.”

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced Wednesday that the race would go on as scheduled.

And why not? The more people you have running on foot, the fewer you have driving in cars. If everybody ran everywhere every day, there’d be no more global warming and hurricanes would cease to exist. It’s a preventative measure. Makes perfect sense when you don’t think about it.

I knew things were bad in New York, but I didn’t know they were this bad:

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But don’t worry, New Yorkers, because help is on the way. NY Post:

As hundreds of thousands of Big Apple residents suffer in homes left without power by Hurricane Sandy, two massive generators are being run 24/7 in Central Park — to juice a media tent for Sunday’s New York City Marathon…

The three diesel-powered generators crank out 800 kilowatts — enough to power 400 homes in ravaged areas like Staten Island, the Rockaways and downtown Manhattan…

In addition to the generators, a food services truck dropped off hundreds of cases of water, sparking angered responses from hurricane victims.

Well then, they should’ve signed up for the marathon. Why are they bothering Emperor Bloomberg with their petty concerns when he just wants to enjoy a pleasantly diverting footrace?

When disaster strikes, you can count on Michael Bloomberg to endorse the Democrat for president, hold a marathon, and take away your soda.

You have to admit, Kathleen Parker called it:

Update: Bloomberg backs down under public pressure. Note: He didn’t cancel it. You did. He was just forced to concede to reality for once.

Canceling a marathon is just the warm-up. Now it’s time to cancel a Barrython.

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