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John Gizzi: Benghazi will dog Obama into second term or retirement [VIDEO]

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Veteran Washington journalist John Gizzi predicted that the fallout of the September terror attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, will haunt President Barack Obama for the near future.

“Benghazi is going to be one of the very key stories that will dog Barack Obama well into a second term, or into his retirement in Chicago, whatever happens,” Gizzi told The Daily Caller.

Gizzi was covering the president’s speech in the Rose Garden on Sept. 12.

“Fact: The president did not refer to it as an act of terror on the day after the terrible attack that took the life of an American ambassador in Benghazi.”

Gizzi also said that Gov. Mitt Romney’s attack on Obama during the second presidential debate was “technically correct.”

“Fact: Eight days later when Jay Carney was asked whether the administration had branded it an act of terror, and he did this in a gaggle of reporters on Air Force One, and he said no. He came along finally to saying, well, one assumes that this is a part of terror in general.

Look for the full interview with Gizzi Monday.

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