Food trucks: Drivers of the American dream, or a pox on our sidewalks?

Matt K. Lewis Senior Contributor
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The Washington Post has a story up today about how new regulations threaten the future of DC’s food truck industry.

Opaque laws are arguably worse than overregulation, inasmuch as they allow for capricious enforcement. And uncertainty is arguably the worst thing for businesses.

But that’s precisely what is happening in the District. “[F]ood trucks owners,” the Post writes, “are put off by a still-unknown process that relies on the kindness of bureaucrats to keep their businesses alive.”

Food truck advocates have taken notice.

“These proposed [District Department of Transportation] regulations appear to be just another attempt by DC regulators to crack down on the city’s vibrant and still growing food truck culture,” says Baylen J. Linnekin of the nonprofit group, “Keep Food Legal.”

“Sidewalk cafés are great,” he added. “But so are food trucks. And District consumers win when both choices are available to them.”

Personally, I’m sick of food truck consumers blocking the sidewalks around the Farragut area, but that doesn’t mean we should shut down these entrepreneurs.

As‘s video (above) shows, there are some pretty good arguments to be made for this emerging industry.

Matt K. Lewis