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Somehow I managed to anger David Simon

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The following is from the blog of David Simon, creator of The Wire and Treme and other critically beloved television programs about how much white people stink. He’s reacting to the reelection of The Greatest Human Being Who Has Ever Lived:

Barack Obama And The Death Of Normal

I was on an airplane last night as the election was decided. As the plane landed after midnight on the East Coast, I confess that my hand was shaking as I turned on my phone for the news. I did not want to see dishonesty and divisiveness and raw political hackery rewarded. It is hard enough for anyone to actually address the problems, to move this country forward, to make the intransigent American ruling class yield even a yard of the past to the inevitable future. But going backwards last night would have been devastating. I read the returns in silent elation; a business trip had me traveling in business class and the gnashing of corporate teeth all around precluded a full-throated huzzah on my part. I abhor a gloat.

I paused at this point in his essay, contemplating what in the world a “corporate tooth” could be and why it would frighten David Simon. Then I decided I’d wasted enough time reading such silliness.

But I did think it was worth poking a bit of fun at the delusions in his third sentence, and he was kind enough to reply (click image to enlarge):

“Snide $#!+bag”? My goodness.

You know, it’s weird…. If he knew it was going to happen, how did I manage to piss him off so much with two little words?

Oh, that’s right. Because he’s David Simon.

Remember my theory that the only person angrier than a lib who just lost is a lib who just won? Case in point.

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