The bad guy from ‘Homeland’ is funny in real life, British [VIDEO]

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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NOTE: If you have never watched “Homeland” and plan on doing so, this post contains tons of spoilers. You were warned.

Did you know that the star of”Homeland” — congressman/terrorist/adulterer/all-around bad guy Nick Brodie (Damien Lewis) — is British in real life? And did you know that he has a great sense of humor, proving that British people can be funny?

During an appearance on Britain’s “The Jonathan Ross Show” Saturday, Lewis told the host about the time has was at a dinner with President Barack Obama (Obama has said that “Homeland” is one of his favorite TV shows.)

Lewis said that he expected to be seated “near the toilets,” but actually ended up sitting across from the president.

After the dinner, Lewis and co-star Claire Danes were asked to sign a DVD box set for the president. Lewis said that Danes wrote something poetic like, ”I was a fan of yours long before you were a fan of ours” and Lewis decided to outdo her.

“I thought I’d think of something great and funny and and wrote: ‘From one Muslim to another’ in an indelible Sharpie,” Lewis said. “And I couldn’t take it back! I was then writing emails for the whole of the next week going: ‘I do hope he understands irony.'”

Get it? It’s funny because his character on the show is a Muslim and people think that Obama is Muslim. That’s the joke.

(h/t UPROXX)


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