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Janeane Garofalo was legally married for 20 years, somehow didn’t know it

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It has long been obvious that Janeane Garofalo has no idea what’s going on in America. But you might think she’d at least know what’s going on in her own personal life.

You would be wrong.

Page Six:

Janeane Garofalo was married for 20 years and didn’t even know it, until she needed to get divorced Saturday.

She explained at a New York Comedy Festival reunion for “The Ben Stiller Show” that she married a writer on the series — Rob Cohen, who went on to produce “The Big Bang Theory” — in Las Vegas as a joke in the 1990s, and didn’t realize the nuptials had stuck.

“Rob and I got married, for real, which we had to have a notary dissolve not 30 minutes before we got here tonight,” Garofalo said. “We were married for 20 years until this evening.”

Apparently, Garofalo’s marital status wasn’t discovered until Cohen decided to get married “for real” and his lawyer discovered he already was.

To this woman.

My sincere condolences to Mr. Cohen.

P.S. Several people have pointed out that the IRS will be interested in this new information…