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Russian dissident interprets Obama’s ‘flexibility’ remark [VIDEO]

Ginni Thomas Contributor

Russian dissident Pavel Stroilov worries that President Barack Obama’s re-election will embolden hardline world leaders.

In a recent interview, he also gave his interpretation of Obama’s remark to then-President Dmitry Medvedev of Russia that he would have more “flexibility” after the election to negotiate a new missile defense treaty.

“This means, ‘I can’t do it now, because American voters do not want it. But I don’t care what American voters want, I care what my friend Vladimir wants. I will do it. Just give me some time to fool the American voters, to pretend I am tougher than I really am, and then we will fix it, don’t worry,'” Stroilov said.

“I mean, I can’t read it in any other way. I am sorry if that sounds disrespectful towards your president, but that’s what it means in English,” he said.

Stroilov lives in London and has been a frequent critic of President Vladimir Putin.

Look for the full interview with Stroilov Monday.

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