Blind kitten overcomes adversity to win grand prize at ‘The Friskies’ [VIDEO]

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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In Los Angeles, there are only two awards ceremonies that matter: the Oscars and The Friskies.

The Oscars celebrate Hollywood films, while The Friskies celebrate something far more adorable: cute cat videos.

Last week’s ceremony, sponsored by Purina’s Friskies cat food, awarded its grand prize to the simple yet inspiring video of Oskar, a blind kitten shown playing with toys for the first time.

Oskar’s owner, director Mick Szydlowski, said he hoped the video would inspire people to adopt blind cats. “With the right environment, special needs animals can thrive,” he said during his acceptance speech, according to Time. Szydlowski and Oskar were awarded a Catuette (get it, like statuette?) and $15,000.

Will Braden, creator of the famous “Henri, Le Chat Noir” videos, deservedly won a lifetime achievement award during the ceremony. (RELATED: Henri, filled with crippling self-doubt, hates Halloween)


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