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Jesse Jackson Jr. still hard at work not doing his job (Update: Not anymore!)

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He won reelection in a landslide without even having to campaign. Why switch things up now?

NBC Chicago’s Ward Room:

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. reportedly had planned to break his silence Wednesday during a morning conference call with staff but changed his mind.

Jackson spokesman Frank Watkins told Ward Room the South Side Democrat was scheduled to talk to his Chicago and Washington D.C. staff during a 10 a.m. call. Watkins, who works in the D.C. office, said there was even a phone number given out to staffers to dial in.

The congressman apparently changed his mind, though, and Watkins said Jackson’s chief of staff told him Tuesday the meeting wasn’t happening. There apparently was a concern the press had the number too.

Well, we wouldn’t want that. Since when does an elected official have to talk to the press?

Jackson still might send his staffers an e-mail telling them what’s up with this whole “disappearing for months while being investigated by the feds for corruption” deal. Or he might not.

But here’s the best part:

At Jackson’s Homewood congressional office, chief of staff Rick Bryant is keeping the office operating in Jackson’s absence.

“We do constituent services every day. People who want Inauguration tickets, we are keeping a list for those who want Inauguration tickets,” Bryant said.

Wonder if Jackson will be there? But then, why should he? He’s got the ultimate Chicago no-show job.

P.S. Jackson resigns. From what?