15 ultra-successful people who never graduated from college [SLIDESHOW]

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College is obviously overpriced these days and college debt is getting out of hand. And while a handful of schools have cut tuition or, at least, instituted tuition freezes, most schools blithely continue raising prices.

More and more, college students and would-be college students are deciding that college just isn’t worth it.

Harvard University has concluded that the United States has the highest college dropout rate in the industrialized world, Reuters reports.

Spiraling tuition definitely plays a role. Students who borrow money to pay for their undergraduate degrees now find themselves over $23,000 in debt on average. Other reasons for the high dropout rate include family and job responsibilities. The inability to manage the rigors of college is also a determining factor for some students.

Of course, the United States also has far and away the highest gross domestic product (GDP) in the world, according to the 2011 figures of the International Monetary Fund. Our GDP is nearly double the GDP of the next sovereign country, China, and it’s only a couple trillion lower than the combined GDP of the entire European Union, which is composed of all those countries that allegedly beat the United States like a drum in education year after year.

If you are a college dropout, if you never went, of if you are thinking about not going, take heart! This great country was practically built by people like you.

Here are 16 people who never graduated from college who did pretty well for themselves, thank you very much.