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Glenn Beck, urine trouble now

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As Taylor Bigler reported earlier today, Glenn Beck has responded to that dopey painting of Obama as Jesus by doing a variation on the infamous “Piss Christ.” Except instead of making an artistic statement by putting a crucifix in a jar of urine, he dropped a little Obama figurine in there. And it was actually beer, because come on.

Alright, perhaps this was not the timeliest joke ever. And it seems kinda silly if you’re not even getting an NEA grant out of it. But the whole point is to mock people who worship Obama like a god. “Oh, you like peeing on Jesus? And you think Obama is Jesus? Okay then, this is what I do now.” The idea is to rankle them and make them upset.

Guess who it worked on?

I should hope not! Michael Moore is very, very offended.

Do the math, people. “Jesus was gay” = Hilarious. “Let’s do Piss Christ except with Obama” = HOW DARE YOU???

Liberals can tolerate anything except dissent.

(Hat tip: Twitchy)