Rihanna basically confirms that she is back together with Chris Brown [PHOTO]

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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Rational decision-maker Rihanna all but confirmed what tabloids have speculated over the past few weeks: The pop star is back together with R&B singer Chris Brown, the man who once beat the living crap out of her.

She posted this photo along with the caption, “i dont wanna leave!!! Killed it tonight baby!!!” to her Instagram account Thursday night after his concert in Frankfurt, Germany. While Rihanna’s ass is the focal point of the photograph, it also captured an intimate moment between her and Brown.

Rihanna posts intimate photo of she and Chris Brown to Instagram

Brown, who once threatened to kill her and repeatedly bashed her head against a car door back in 2009, can be identified by his multiple tattoos, although you can’t see his face in the photo.

The two were spotted together in Germany over Thanksgiving, fueling more rumors that they are back together, despite Brown’s history of violence.

Brown most recently made headlines for saying really disgusting things because a woman made fun of him on Twitter.

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