Report: IRS seizes all of Lindsay Lohan’s bank accounts

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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When you owe $233,094 in back taxes, but you rarely — you know — have a paying job, Uncle Sam is going to come after you.

Unfortunately, for Lindsay Lohan — even after a generous $100,000 donation to the LiLo tax relief fund from Charlie Sheen — the IRS swooped in and seized all of her bank accounts to settle her debt, TMZ reports.

The $233,094 Lohan owes is reportedly only from 2009 and 2010, and she reportedly owes even more in taxes from 2011 earnings (although we’re not quite sure what she did to earn money in 2011.)

Sources told TMZ that Lohan is “in full-on panic mode about her financial situation” — as she should be — and that she is trying to make some quick cash. We can think of a handful of ways Lohan can get some fast money, but they are all illegal.

This has been a no good, very bad week for Lohan, as the IRS situation comes less than four days after she was arrested for third-degree assault for allegedly hitting a woman in the face at a New York City nightclub. (RELATED: Let’s take a stroll down Lindsay Lohan’s mugshot hall of fame)

Moral of the story: legal fees are a bitch, so don’t get arrested all the time and then you can keep the millions you make off of C-list TV movies safely in offshore banking accounts.

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