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Rep. Myrick: ‘Government can’t afford to take care of everybody’ [VIDEO]

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North Carolina Republican Rep. Sue Myrick said that “government can’t afford to take care of everybody.”

Speaking with The Daily Caller’s Ginni Thomas, the outgoing congresswoman talked about a society that rewards dependency on government over work.

“A good friend of mind runs a good-sized business, and he had a man who was working for him and at the end of the first time he got his paycheck, he came to his boss and said, ‘You know, I only made $40 more this week than if I had stayed home and been on’ some type of government support that he was getting. ‘So why should I work?'” Myrick said.

Myrick is retiring after nine terms in Congress.

“It used to be you worked because you had pride in yourself and you would support your family, you would take care of yourself, you would be part of building this America,” she said. “And now, are we becoming too dependent on government to take care of us? Government can’t afford to take care of everybody. We don’t have the money.”

Watch the full interview with Myrick here.

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