Tantaros, Mattera team up to launch new radio show in Laura Ingraham’s old slot

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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On Wednesday, Talk Radio Network (TRN) announced the launch of “The Andrea Tantaros Show,” which is set to debut January 2.

The show will air from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. EST weekdays, and will also include former Human Events editor and author of “Hollywood Hypocrites” Jason Mattera.

“I’m thrilled to partner with TRN on this exciting opportunity,” Tantaros said in a statement. “They’re the best in the business at making sure affiliates and audiences get hard hitting and informative commentary that keeps them coming back for more. I promise you this: It’s going to be fun.”

The show will be TRN’s permanent replacement in that time slot for Laura Ingraham, who departed last month and will have her new show syndicated by Courtside Entertainment Group also debut on January 2.

That time slot, which are the lead-in hours for radio talker juggernaut Rush Limbaugh, has been a crowded field over the past several years and has included the likes of Ingraham, Glenn Beck and Neal Boortz. Beginning in 2013, it looks to be crowded once again, despite the retirement of Boortz, who will be replaced by 2012 Republican hopeful Herman Cain.

But despite that competition, A.J. Rice, vice president of news and content for America’s Radio News Network and executive producer for TRN Entertainment, shared his optimism for the new show.

“You are witnessing the passing of the torch, within the talk radio format,” Rice said to The Daily Caller in an email. “Tantaros and Mattera are both young, hip, ethnic, and have each been successful in their own endeavors before joining forces.”

According to the release announcing the show’s launch, it will be a program that “will engage listeners who want to be informed and entertained with smart, edgy, and funny but responsible commentary on politics, pop culture Wall Street and entertainment.”

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