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Rep.-elect Cotton: Obama should ‘come forward,’ answer Benghazi questions [VIDEO]

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With State Department officials testifying before Congress this week on the Benghazi terror attack, Arkansas Rep.-elect Tom Cotton said there is still one person who could clear up remaining questions: President Barack Obama.

Cotton, who will be sworn in in January, laid out three main questions in a recent interview.

“Why did we have a lack of pre-attack security?” he asked. “Second, where were the re-enforcements during the seven or eight hours of the attack, and third, why was there so much post-attack spin about the cause and the nature of the attack?”

Cotton said that he is most concerned with the second question.

“The questions that are most troublesome to me, especially someone who has fought on the front lines, is what happened during that attack? You had two very experienced former Navy SEALs who were on the ground fighting off a terrorist mob,” he said. “We had aircraft in the air. One of the Navy SEALs used a laser target designator to illuminate a mortar team. That would suggest to me that he might have expected air support in the form of bombs.”

“But frankly, we don’t need an investigation, we don’t need oversight hearings. Barack Obama was in the White House from 4 to 10 p.m. EST on Sept. 11. He knows exactly what he did,” he said. “All he has to do is come forward and explain what he did during those six hours and we’ll have those most important questions answered.”

Look for the full interview with Cotton Monday.

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