Mark Steyn sounds off on CNN’s Piers Morgan

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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Filling in for Rush Limbaugh on his Wednesday show, National Review columnist Mark Steyn reacted to all the unfolding drama related to CNN’s Piers Morgan and his anti-gun stance including a petition on the White House website wanting to deport the Morgan, saying, “How much longer are Americans going to have to put up with some snooty, hoity-toity foreigner coming on the airwaves and telling them everything that’s wrong with their country?”

“Do you know this fellow, Piers Morgan?” Steyn said. “Piers Morgan. He’s one of these, you know, these snotty-voiced foreigners who came to America and wound up with some big time media gig. OK, not a big time media gig. It’s not like he’s on the Rush guest host roster or anything. But he has this show on CNN and he’s been ever since the Newtown massacre, he’s being anti-gun. He’s being pro-gun control. He’s actually not in favor of gun control — he just doesn’t think anyone should have guns. He just, he’s basically anti-gun. And when he has a pro-gun guest on, he just hectors them and says ‘You’re a stupid and contemptible man.’”

Steyn, a Canadian citizen and the author of “After America: Get Ready for Armageddon,” referred to a tweet from author Joyce Carol Oates likening Morgan’s plight to that of black victims of “Southern lynch mobs,” which he called remarkable because it has made an Englishman a member of “a victim group.”

“This is fantastic, by the way, because Piers Morgan has done something no one thought was possible: For liberals like Joyce Carol Oates, he’s made the English a bona fide ethnic minority victim group now. They’re the last people on the planet who weren’t the victim group — snotty toffee-nosed Englishmen. That’s why they play all the bad guys in the movies, if you notice, because you can’t have a Muslim playing the bad guy, being the bad killer terrorist. It’s always got to be an English guy, like Jeremy Irons in ‘Diehard’ — that kind of thing. And now, thanks to Joyce Carol Oates, who likens the Piers Morgan deportation petition to crucifying negroes — ‘strange fruit hanging from a Southern tree’ — that is the Piers Morgan deportation order hanging from the tree.”

But what irked Steyn the most was the idea that the United States had to import an Englishman to sound off about the country’s current affairs.

“It’s not very difficult, this,” Steyn continued. “How much longer are Americans going to have to put up with some snooty, hoity-toity foreigner coming on the airwaves and telling them everything that’s wrong with their country? Why should Americans have to put up with that? It’s completely ridiculous. President [George W.] Bush used to talk about the jobs Americans can’t do, why do we need to bring in some snooty foreigner with some annoying accent to just go on and tell Americans everything. Can’t Americans point out what’s wrong with their country on their own? Has it come to this — that we’ve got to import a special worker class to tell you Americans everything that sucks about America? That’s now a job for foreigners? This is ridiculous.”

Steyn explained that Morgan’s point of contention is in contradiction with the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. But one of the conditions for visitor such as Morgan according to U.S. immigration law, Steyn says, is that “you have to say you support the Constitution.” (RELATED: Wall Street Journal columnist explains on Twitter how to deport Piers Morgan)

“So in that sense, it’s not just like a guy mouthing off about how he doesn’t like Snooki or whatever,” Steyn said. “The Second Amendment is there in the United States Constitution and as a condition of his immigration status in the United States — he did agree to [support the Constitution].”

While that is true for obtaining citizenship, swearing “to support and defend the Constitution” is not required for a permit to work in the United States. Morgan is not a U.S. citizen.

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