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As we all know by now, the only thing PSY likes about Americans is our money. The news of the “Gangnam Style” rapper’s America-hating past wasn’t enough to keep him away from a personal audience with the President of the United States, but that doesn’t mean the rest of the country wanted to watch it.

Big Hollywood:

The 31st annual “Christmas in Washington” concert shown on the TNT cable network December 21 suffered a dramatic 25% loss in viewers from the previous year, according to Nielsen Media Research. The 2011 cablecast of “Christmas in Washington” drew 1.5 million viewers. The 2012 showing had only 1.136 million viewers.

The concert, traditionally attended by the President and his family, drew international attention over the scheduled appearance by Gangnam Style rapper PSY (given name Park Jae-sang) when it was revealed the South Korean entertainer had made highly inflammatory anti-American performances the previous decade…

In an interview after the show, PSY said Obama only talked with him about how his family is embarrassed when he dances Gangnam Style. PSY apparently offered no apology to Obama, nor did Obama rebuke him.

Why would he? Obama probably doesn’t think the little fella went far enough.

You know who else still likes PSY? The Russkies. RT reports:

A Russian company has filed an application to register an “Oppah, Gangnam Style” trademark to produce a variety of beverages, from vodka and cocktails to juices…

According to Russian patent agency Rospatent, the question of Psy’s trademark in Russia hasn’t been settled yet. It has reportedly received an application from a Yekaterinburg-based company called “City”.

Irina Tulubyeva from a specialist law firm told Izvesia daily that the trademark won’t be registered in Russia unless Psy personally gives it the go ahead.

Selling vodka to Russians? Удачи, PSY.

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