Obama voters stunned to discover that they too are “millionaires and billionaires”

Jim Treacher | Blogger

Congratulations, genuises. Turns out you’re rich!

Democratic Underground:

America: You break it, you buy it.

Twitchy.com has more reaction as Obama voters get their latest, smaller paychecks.

The next time an Obamabot complains about taxes, or rising prices, or falling wages, or anything else having to do with the money coming out of his own pocket, you just need to ask him one question:

“Why are you so greedy?

Update: Trending: #WhyIsMyPaycheckLessThisWeek

Update: “What. Happened? You reelected a lying SCOAMF. That’s what happened.”

Update: What’s the taxpayer pricetag for Obama’s latest Hawaiian vacation? A mere $20 million.

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