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Why is Elizabeth Warren hiding her light under a teepee?

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Ah, Massachusetts’ brand-new senator. She’s been in office for less than a week, and she’s already gained notice for her inability to answer simple questions. For example, she was completely flummoxed recently when asked to define “the middle class”:

Hey, they’re… y’know… the middle class. They’re whoever Elizabeth Warren and friends need them to be at any particular moment.

The only thing Warren is prouder of than her grasp of the issues is her Native American heritage. Which is why I’m taken aback by this story from Hillary Chabot at the Boston Herald:

Liz Warren won’t beat drum

Despite repeated claims she is “proud” of her Cherokee heritage, newly minted U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren is keeping that pride under wraps and won’t be taking advantage of a chance to officially list herself as the Bay State’s first Native American U.S. senator.

Aides said Warren, who describes herself as part Cherokee and part Delaware Indian, won’t contact historians at the Senate Historical Office to tell them she’s Native American. The office lists minority senators in its official directory.

Warren’s aides refused further comment, but Betty Koed, an associate historian at the Senate Historical Office, said, “If her office wants to call and have her listed, we’d be happy to do so…”

The issue plagued Warren throughout her campaign after the Herald broke the story that Harvard University had listed the Cambridge Democrat as a minority in the early 1990s. Warren also claimed minority status in law directories from 1986 to 1995, stopping shortly after she got her job as a Harvard Law professor.

That’s weird. Why would Sen. Warren claim to be Native American when she thought it would help her, and then, when it no longer helped her, pretend she never did so? Oh wait, I remember:

The system is rigged, man. Elizabeth Warren had no choice but to cheat the system. Take that, system!

Hey, wait a minute… If the system is rigged, and Elizabeth Warren is now a very powerful part of that rigged system, why do we have to do what she says? Why do we have to follow the rules? Why can’t we do what she did?

I’d like to see her try to answer that one.