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Brave Julianne Moore bravely accepts Golden Globe for brave parody of Palin

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My favorite thing about watching the Golden Globes is not doing that. Now we have the Internet, so we don’t need to watch an entire 4-hour ceremony where overpaid, narcissistic One Percenters get all dressed up and congratulate themselves for playing make-believe and reinforcing each other’s prejudices. If anything interesting happens — and I do mean if — it’ll be on the Internet within minutes. Or, if you’re on Twitter, within seconds.

Julianne Moore won an award for playing Sarah Palin in Game Change, because of course she did. And then, apparently, the director of the movie was gushing about how “brave” she was for doing that. That’s right: Daring to depict Sarah Palin in an unflattering light is an act of bravery. In Hollywood.

Courtesy of Twitchy:

(I don’t know if “Goldbe” is a typo or a joke. Either way works for me.)

And the bravery didn’t stop there. Just imagine the gasps of shock as the fearlessly iconoclastic Moore dared to utter these heresies in public:

NOTE: It’s very important for women to participate in politics, unless they’re Republicans.

Ahem: Biden. And, for that matter: Obama.

When Game Change won for Best Miniseries or Whatever, because of course it did, the director actually said that HBO stands for “Heroic Brave Operation.” More like Horse’s Butt Output.

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