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James O’Keefe goofs on gun-grabbers

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Gun-control advocates claim that if we got rid of all the guns, if we rounded them all up and melted them down to make decorative planters and such, there’d be no more crime. No more guns = no more gun crime. Yay!

When people who actually have some common sense hear this, they retort that disarming law-abiding citizens only makes them more vulnerable to criminals, who don’t obey laws because they’re, y’know… criminals. The Second Amendment doesn’t stop being a right just because someone abuses it, and it’s immoral to punish good people for the actions of bad people.

It’s easy to write an op-ed about gun control, or to spout off about it on TV. But how many of these gun-grabbing pundits and “journalists” would be willing to practice what they preach? How many of them would want everybody in the neighborhoods where they live to know that there are no guns on their premises?

How many of them would be willing to publicly designate their own homes as gun-free zones?

James O’Keefe found out:

Well, that’s weird. Gun-free zones are fine for other people. Gun control is fine for other people. But all of a sudden, these high-minded “journalists” realize the benefits of having guns around. And the drawbacks of advertising it when they’re not.

I can’t wait to see how these folks react. Especially Toure. I hope they point out that O’Keefe broke the law once, so we can point out that David Gregory did too, and they all listen to him.

Update: It begins.


Update: From Dec. 27: MSNBC’s Toure and Steve Kornacki defend publishing gun owner’s names and addresses. Yeah, but that’s different because shut up.

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