Lindsay Lohan heads to court for the 20th time

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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Lindsay Lohan, 26, is due in court Tuesday for the 20th time in six years. For those keeping track at home, she has appeared in just 14 movies during her 20 year career.

Lohan is set to be arraigned on four misdemeanor charges stemming from a Santa Monica, Calif. car accident in July 2012. She originally lied to the police, telling them that she was not behind the wheel when she actually was. She was also charged with reckless driving and obstructing police from their duty.

The actress had been on probation after a 2011 jewelry theft, but her probation was revoked last month due to the car wreck.

Lohan will have the chance to catch up her movie to court appearance ratio. She has two upcoming projects, including the straight-to-Netflix flick “The Canyons,” and a four-minute cameo in “Scary Movie 5.” Good stuff.

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