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So Judge Dredd might be gay, which is really edgy or something

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In America, Judge Dredd is best known for inspiring the character of Robocop — “Your move, creep” is pretty much Dredd — and for being the subject of two movies that were both huge bombs even though one of them didn’t feature Rob Schneider.

In the UK, though, Dredd is something of an institution, one of their biggest comic-book characters ever. So this page from the next issue of the 2000 AD comic, courtesy of Bleeding Cool’s Rich Johnston, is sure to raise some eyebrows. And possibly other things:

The Independent has more:

Reaction to the teaser, which was released online last month, has been mixed, with some fans so hostile to the idea they have threatened to burn the comic.

A spokesman said: “We have had quite an extreme reaction.

“Dredd has always been satirical, while touching on serious issues. This is another example of this.”

There is a twist in the tale, with all not being as it seems, the spokesman said.

Writer Rob Williams said Dredd’s sexuality – whatever it is – was buried beneath his love for the law.

He said: “Although, can you imagine what would happen if that repression ever fell away, just for an instant? Sure, Dredd could be gay.

“You can’t look at the original costume design of leather and chains and not see a fetishistic edge there…”

Hmmm. Well:

Okay, maybe he’s got a point.

Assuming it’s not a fakeout (a dream sequence, a clone, just a random dude playing dress-up, some other comic-booky thing), then all the best to the Judge on his journey of self-discovery. If being portrayed by Stallone didn’t end the franchise, it can survive anything.

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