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Does Michael Bloomberg have his bodyguards follow everybody around, or just Jason Mattera?

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I know Jason Mattera’s style isn’t for everybody. He’s confrontational and in-your-face, trying to embarrass his targets with their own hypocrisy rather than trying to get real answers. He’s like Michael Moore, except with more brains and fewer carbs.

I think what Mattera does great, but if you don’t, that’s fine. It still doesn’t excuse what one of Emperor Bloomberg’s bodyguards did when Mattera dared to mock him:

Did Bloomberg send this guy after Mattera? If so, why? If not, what did he think was he doing?

As John Hayward notes:

It’s remarkable how reliably the “why won’t you disarm your bodyguards?” question discombobulates the anti-Second Amendment crowd. They really don’t have a comfortable focus-group-friendly answer to it. The coldly logical responses – “because I’m more important than you, so I need protection” – simply do not sit well with the public. That includes people who might otherwise be content to ride in the gun-control bandwagon, until they hit this particular intellectual speed bump.

That’s why I’m eager to hear the White House’s answer to the petition to protect the First Family by getting all those armed guards out of there. After all, guns don’t protect people. More guns = more gun crime. Right?

By the way:

It’s almost like the laws and rules we’re all supposed to follow simply don’t matter to the people who are more important than us. That might be a good story for David Gregory to investigate.

(Hat tip: Bryan Preston)

P.S. “The NYPD officer was acting far beyond his authority.”