Sen. Sessions calls for ICE Director Morton’s resignation: ‘No comprehensive immigration reform as long as he’s the person in charge’

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Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions called for the resignation of John Morton, the director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Tuesday on the Senate floor.

“Mr. Morton can no longer effectively serve at this post, and perhaps more importantly there can be no comprehensive immigration reform as long as he’s the person in charge with enforcing it,” Sessions said, explaining that Morton and the Obama administration have failed to enforce current immigration law.

“What purpose is served to pass new laws if the ones we have are ignored by the officials charged with enforcing them,” he added.

According to Sessions and a timeline he submitted to the Congressional Record detailing Morton and the administration’s actions to dilute current law, the current ICE director is unfit to continue at his post.

“It’s well documented that the Obama administration has either unilaterally weakened or outright waived the enforcement at the border, at the — in the interior and at the work site and at the welfare office of existing immigration laws,” Sessions explained. “That’s just a fact.”

The Alabama senator, who warned Monday that comprehensive immigration reform would not pass so long as the administration did not enforce existing immigration laws, explained for example that currently illegals caught speeding are not detained and outlined the policies Morton and the administration have put in place to “to refrain from enforcing U.S. immigration laws.”

Last year, members of the ICE Union sued Morton and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano for preventing them from enforcing the law. They were granted standing to continue the suit late last week.

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