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Leaders with Ginni Thomas: NRA President David Keene

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David Keene is president of the National Rifle Association.

Keene, 67, learned to engage in the public square from his parents, who were Wisconsin labor union organizers. He turned toward Republican politics when John F. Kennedy started talking about socialized medicine.

A longtime conservative activist, Keene, 67, became national chairman of Young Americans for Freedom while a law student in the 1960s. He would go on to work as an aide to Vice President Spiro Agnew and play key roles in the campaigns of several Republican presidents and presidential candidates.

Prior to becoming president of the NRA in 2011, Keene served for 27 years as chairman of the American Conservative Union.

He is currently also a managing associate at the Carmen Group, a Washington, D.C. lobbying firm.

In an interview with TheDC’s Ginni Thomas, Keene explains how he believes the Obama administration has exploited the Newtown massacre for its political purposes, why the Second Amendment is so important, why he believes the left demonizes guns, how the gun control movement was founded by racists, why the AR-15 is worth defending and much more.

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How was the Newtown gun tragedy a crisis this administration took advantage of to manipulate public opinion to grow government and take away personal liberties?

Is law enforcement with or against the NRA?

Didn’t the Obama administration celebrate private ownership of guns against a repressive government in the Arab Spring? Why should Americans deserve less than the Syrians, Libyans or Egyptians?

Explain the left’s tendency to blame guns, instead of people, for evil

How can one person make a difference on this gun issue?

Are boycotts or “buy-cotts” possible in this battle?

How do guns save lives?

How has the NRA changed through the years due to the rising threat to gun rights?

Is the U.S. becoming a nation dependent on its government for personal security?

What’s the new face of the concealed weapon holder?

How is Mayor Bloomberg and his anti-gun campaign symptomatic of a battle between elites and everyday citizens?

What are some back-door threats to gun control?

Do government background checks work?

Why did the NRA give $5,000 to Democratic Sen. Harry Reid in his election?

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