BuzzFeed asks readers if they would sleep with Michelle Obama

Vince Coglianese Editorial Director
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The BuzzFeed website asked readers Monday whether they would sleep with first lady Michelle Obama.

As of press time, 72.92 percent of BuzzFeed readers told the site they would “hit it” — or have sex Michelle Obama.

27.08 percent of the site’s readers opted to “quit it” — or forgo the hypothetical chance to sleep with the first lady.

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In a nod to President’s Day, BuzzFeed writer Katie Notopoulos included the Michelle Obama poll question among a list of 11 U.S. presidents and five first ladies, including Priscilla Tyler, Jackie Kennedy, Nancy Reagan and Frances Cleveland.

“How bone-able are these presidential hotties?” wonders the sub-headline on the page.

At press time, Nancy Reagan was slightly more “bone-able” according to BuzzFeed readers, with 72.94 percent of readers in favor of “hit[ing] it.”

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