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Soledad O’Brien has no place else to go

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The following is a win/win. It’s good news for the fan(s) of Soledad O’Brien and the fans of watchable TV news in the morning.

Brian Stelter:

Soledad O’Brien will leave CNN’s morning show in the spring, but she won’t be leaving the cable news channel altogether.

Ms. O’Brien, who is well-known for CNN documentaries like “Black in America,” said Thursday that she would form a production company and continue to supply documentaries to CNN on a nonexclusive basis. She’ll also make them for other television channels and for the Web.

“There’s so many great stories to tell,” said Ms. O’Brien, who is preparing two new installments of the “Black in America” franchise for CNN.

That’s a relief. I was worried that people might start to forget that Soledad O’Brien is black. Did you know she’s black? Because she’s black. In America. Where’s she’s black.

She’ll also be able to “take hosting and reporting jobs elsewhere at the same time.” I’m sure she’s in great demand already. Hey, maybe she can co-host a show with Keith Olbermann. He can lob misogynist insults at her, and she can call him a racist. Olbermann/O’Brien! You’re welcome, Al Jazeera America.

I just watched House of Cards on Netflix. The most unintentionally funny line, in a series packed with unintentionally funny lines, is this: “Watch me on Starting Point tomorrow.” It was the first time that sentence was ever uttered in human history. And the last.

Update: What’s the best way to rebut a critic of race-baiting? Take a wild guess.

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