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Rachel Maddow: Sure, this video is deceptively edited, but so what?

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At this point, it’s a given that any audio or video that’s aired on NBC News or MSNBC could be faked in some way. They’ll do whatever it takes to advance their agenda. It’s so commonplace, even their hosts have stopped making excuses for it. It’s just part of the culture there.


MSNBC’s propensity to selectively edit video to smear conservatives has reached a new low. Speaking on her self-titled show on February 21, host Rachel Maddow openly admitted to playing edited footage of Senator John McCain to smear the Arizona Republican.

“Obviously, there was an edit between the end of the woman’s question and the part where John McCain sneers the straight talk line at her. So maybe that edit was cut in a way that’s not fair to John McCain.”

Maybe. But so what? If he didn’t want Rachel Maddow to lie about him, he shouldn’t have joined the Republican Party.

Here’s the full video, which hasn’t been deceptively edited to demonize the Republican:

Now, should he have gone with his trademark “straight talk” line? I could’ve done without it. But it wasn’t his entire answer. Unfortunately for him, his entire answer doesn’t fit Rachel Maddow’s narrative.

That’s the state of journalism in 2013: Fake but accurate.