By the way, Obama lied about the sequester

Jim Treacher | Blogger

Here’s White House adviser Gene Sperling — who totally didn’t threaten Bob Woodard, you guys (and besides, it doesn’t matter because the White House threatens reporters all the time) — talking to scofflaw gun criminal David Gregory yesterday:

“But yes, we put forth the design of how to do that.” AKA the sequester.

Sheesh. It’s like pulling teeth, isn’t it? Now that their lies about the sequester are backfiring massively, I guess we’re all supposed to forget that they attacked Bob Woodward for saying exactly what they’re now reluctantly admitting. Let’s hope Bob and Gene can kiss and make up.

And Jonathan Chait is really smart, isn’t he? Not only did he liken President Barack Obama to a mugger, but he got one of Obama’s own advisers to repeat it on national TV. Good work, Jonathan!

Meanwhile, some of Obama’s other codependents are still valiantly trying to prop him up by rewriting history:

Please note the following change to the AP Stylebook: “Oppose” now means “propose.”

(Hat tip: Daniel Halper and Lester Palmer)

P.S. President Barack Obama, November 2011: “I will veto any effort to get rid of those automatic spending cuts.”

P.P.S. Uh-oh. Time for some grade A snark from one of our moral, ethical, and intellectual superiors.

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