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North Korea threatens to nuke the United States, even though Dennis Rodman lives here

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Just last week, Rodman was hanging out with his BFF Kim Jong-un. It seemed like they were getting along famously. Was it something he said?


North Korea on Thursday threatened for the first time to launch a pre-emptive nuclear strike against the United States and South Korea, issuing the warning as the United Nations was preparing tough new sanctions over its nuclear program.

The threat from the North Korean Foreign Ministry came hours before the United Nations Security Council was scheduled to meet on the sanctions, which are aimed at squeezing the international financing of the already isolated North Korean regime.

Calling such sanctions “an act of war,” North Korea has sharply escalated its threats against the United States and its allies in the last few days, declaring the 1953 armistice that stopped the Korean War null and void and threatening to turn Washington and Seoul into “a sea in flames” with “lighter and smaller nukes.”

Rodman must be pretty ticked off. He sticks up for his buddy, and this is the thanks he gets? We need to send him back over there. Except this time: