Senate votes to confirm Brennan as CIA director

Alexis Levinson Political Reporter
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WASHINGTON — The Senate voted Thursday to confirm John Brennan as director of the CIA.

He was confirmed by a vote of 63 to 34.

Sen. Rand Paul held up the nomination on Wednesday, holding the floor and speaking for 12 hours and 52 minutes in a dramatic “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington”-style filibuster.

Paul’s complaint stemmed from an unanswered question he had submitted to the White House about whether or not the President had the authority to order the killing by a drone of an American citizen on American soil who was not engaged in combat. Paul ultimately ended the filibuster because, having been unable to leave the floor for nearly 13 hours, he needed to use the bathroom.

Attorney General Eric Holder answered Paul’s question in a terse letter Thursday, writing “the answer is no,” as to whether the president has such authority. Paul declared himself “happy” with the response and said he would not block the nomination.

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